The very first app that takes your children around the world while growing their general knowledge, developing their minds, and picking up life skills... all while they enjoy the process!

The Brain Train is first an immersive story with voice actors, bringing back the love for reading!

It's also a treasure trove of encyclopedic knowledge

in bite-sized pieces for easy absorption!

Reality is always more beautiful and we want the kids to know what the world looks like!

Imagine 50 mini-games, each teaching a life skill like:

classical music, cooking, finances, survival, chores, career preparation, mental health

And this is me!

I'm Dr Caleb Leong, a medical doctor and the creator of The Brain Train App!

Here I am talking about our mission to bring The Brain Train to undeveloped countries where they have never seen the rest of the world!

So before heading to our Kickstarter campaign, HERE ARE OUR REWARDS!

Fancy an eye-popping poster?

A cute kid's T-shirt?

Or maybe the entire Brain Train series for years to come?

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