10 lovely Valentine's Day crafts for kids to make


If the end of the Christmas season has your family feeling dull and dreary, Valentine’s Day can be the perfect excuse to get crafty with your kids. Perk up the house with some holiday decorations or pick one of these giftable crafts to share the Valentine’s Day spirit with one of your child’s friends (or their entire class!).

1. Heart-shaped bird feeder

We always think of our loved ones on Valentine's Day, but don't forget your feathered friends outdoors! Especially in many climates where Valentine's Day occurs in winter, the birds in your family’s backyard will enjoy these heart-shaped bird feeders by Thrifty Jinxy just as much as your kids will enjoy making them.


2. Valentine’s Day snow globe
Shake things up with this Valentine’s Day snow globe craft from Tell Me Tuesday. Let your kids pick the photo they’d like to put in -- you can simply print it out using any color printer. Then, just add glitter and watch your kid’s new craft sparkle! Who knows, you might even end up wanting to make one for your sweetheart.


3. Lollipop flower valentine

If you're looking for a tasty and easy craft your child can give their friends instead of a store-bought valentine, this lollipop flower from PBS is the perfect solution. The best part is it’s so easy to make a whole bouquet and share one with everyone.


4. Felt heart pillow

Add a little love to your family’s sofa with this heart pillow from Sweet and Simple Living. With no sewing and very little preparation required, it's a perfect craft for your child to make this Valentine's Day. Plus, the soft felt it’s made out of will have anyone who cuddles it feeling warm and fuzzy.


5. Heart-shaped origami corner bookmarks
This super easy, super useful bookmark from Easy Peasy Fun is a great craft for young book lovers and kids interested in origami. To share the love, buy red decorative paper in large sheets and your child can make one for every student in their class. For a personal touch, try writing personalized notes on the blank side of the heart.


6. Bow and arrow rubber band bracelet

With this playful craft, Cupid won't be the only one slinging arrows this Valentine's Day. Using a straw, some mini rubber bands, a loom, and construction paper, your child can make one of these rubber band bracelet bow and arrows from All for the Boys. If your family doesn't  have a rubber band loom, no worries! The website also includes directions for making the bracelet without one.


7. Pink Valentine's Day playdough recipe

We've all heard the expression “putty in my hands,” but what about playdough? Bug and Bunny created the idea and recipe for giftable Valentine's Day playdough along with some other printable crafts for your kids to make and share. With only four ingredients and a little bit of food dye, this craft is a perfect fit for parents who are wanting to share candy-free Valentine's gifts.


8. Puzzle piece photo frame 

You know those puzzles in your game closet that are gathering dust just because they're missing a piece or two? They deserve love, too! Give them a new life by allowing your child  to repurpose them as one of the adorable picture frames found at  Fun Family Crafts.


9. Melted crayon hearts

Bring some color into your kids’ Valentine's Day with this craft from Heather Christo. Using the old and broken crayons from the bottom of their Crayola boxes and a silicone heart-shaped ice tray, your kids can turn trash into treasure.


10. Tissue paper heart suncatcher
If the winter season has left the view from your family room a little cold and bleary, these tissue paper suncatchers detailed at Makobi Scribe are a great way for your kids to add a little whimsy to the windowsill. Besides, they're the perfect excuse for your child to play with tissue paper and glue: two of the most important crafting essentials!


Most parents know that nothing says “I love you” quite like something homemade by your child’s own two hands. This Valentine's Day get them crafting with one of these ten projects. Use them to decorate the house, or pass them along to someone you love to bring joy to their day.


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