5 Easter crafts for families to hop into!

New grass is poking its way up through fresh sod, the flowers are budding, the weather's warming up: spring has nearly sprung and that means Easter is right around the corner! Why not celebrate the upcoming holiday with your clan by making any of these five family-friendly Easter crafts?


 1. Paper Easter egg wreath

On top of being an excellent use of recycled paper,this festive spring craft is fun to make and will bring Easter cheer to your family’s front door or wall. Following the instructions from Resourceful Mama, use a paper plate, scissors, glue, and recycled bits of colorful paper to create a colorful egg wreath. This one is perfect for families because each member can decorate several eggs to be joined together to form the wreath. After the crafting is done, it's a festive decoration that will spring Easter spirit into your home’s front door or living room wall.


2. Hands-on Easter art

How about some hands-on Easter fun? These paintings from Pinky Pink are a great excuse to get a little messy and make a masterpiece while doing it. Help your child make an Easter bunny from their hand print or a duckling from their foot. For even more fun, have everyone participate and make a portrait of your whole family as handprint bunnies or a clan of ducklings! If you're worried too much about the mess, have no fear; feel free to use washable paint or do the activity outdoors.


3. Easter egg crystal geodes

This geology-themed craft is new and surprising take on traditionally decorated Easter eggs that your family will think totally rocks. Following the instructions at Parenting, use epsom salt and glue to cultivate tiny crystals inside the shells of dyed eggs. The epsom salt will act as a starter crystal -- after applying the saturated mixture detailed in the articles directions, the water will start evaporating, leaving an eggcelent geode nestled in the shell.

4. Jelly bean bracelet

Looking for a sweet way to get crafty with your family? These wearable Jelly Bean bracelets from Artzy Creations are easy to make and perfect for your kids to share with their friends. Using elastic stretch cord and a needle, thread the beans together and tie them off at the appropriate size. Try making different patterns, or experiment with necklaces as well!


5.  Easter egg terrarium

Looking to bring a bit of life to your Easter decorations? Your family will have fun assembling these fun and colorful egg terrariums detailed on The House that Lars Built. The best part is that these tiny gardens are easy even for those of us with no green thumb -- the directions outline a way that uses real dirt, real moss, and a flower made out of paper. That way, your tiny terrarium will stay green and blooming.



It's spring! Get your family's creativity blooming with one of these five crafts. Between Jelly Bean bracelets or eggshells filled with geodes, they're sure to get your little ones bouncing with anticipation for Easter.

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