5 hilariously creative April Fool's Day tricks to prank your kids with

April first is on its way and everyone knows that parents are prime targets for pranks. This year, beat your kids to the punch and be sure the joke’s not on you. After all, parents can have tricks up their sleeves as well! For April first (or any day your family needs a daily dose of laughter), these five pranks are sure to bring smiles to your whole crew!


1.  Meatloaf surprise

This prank is the perfect opportunity to put grandma’s famous meatloaf recipe to good use. Whip up a batch and follow the instructions from Parents Magazine to fashion the loaf into “cake” using round pastry pan. For the extra touch, add “icing” made up of smooth mashed potatoes, then serve your kids cake for dinner and watch the first bite blow their mind!


2. Easter egg grapes

With Easter on its way, candy aisles are full of rabbit and egg candies--this prank is the perfect opportunity to make use of those delicious chocolate Easter eggs! Following the instructions from Lovely Wednesday, cover grapes in the egg candy wrappers to make for a fruity surprise. But be warned, this prank has a possible backfire if your kid doesn’t take the let-down easy. Maybe keep the chocolates nearby anyway to console them if necessary!


3. Frozen cereal prank
Start April Fool’s Day out right with an early-morning prank. On March 31st, follow the instructions from Alpha Mom and place a bowl of cereal in the freezer with milk. Insert a spoon and allow the bowl to set overnight until it’s solid and the spoon is firmly lodged. In the morning, serve up your kids a cold bowl of cereal and watch their reactions!


4. Bath time soap prank

If your losing the family prank war by the end of the night, this trick will help you clean up! Suggested by Parenting in one of their twenty brilliant, easy pranks for parents, this bath time trick will have your kids baffled. Using a bottle of clear nail polish, paint a bar of soap with a thick layer, insulating it completely. Then, place the soap bar in the bath and wait!


5.Batch of brown E’s

These “treats” from Instructables don’t call for flour, sugar or milk; all you need to pull off this prank is an X-acto knife, a brownie pan, a cutting board, and brown construction paper. Using the paper and the knife, cut out a “batch” of e’s. Place them in a pan and cover with foil, then offer your family some “brown E’s” and watch their reactions.



All too often, April Fool’s Day pranks can turn mean or funny. This year, make April first a family affair with any of these five, friendly tricks. Show your kids that parents can be pranksters, too!

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