All aboard The Brain Train!

The Brain Train is gearing up for its official launch in January, and we’re inviting you along for the journey!


For the past few years, Thinkofmagic Studios -- the creative force behind the exciting new platform -- have been building, writing and developing around the clock to create an educational app like no other.


What is it?

It’s a story; it’s a game; it’s an adventure that will capture your imagination and take you to all corners of the globe. The Brain Train is fun; it’s interactive; it’s educational, and it focuses heavily on building children’s general knowledge and their understanding of the world around them.   


What makes The Brain Train stand out from the rest?

Quite simply, it’s unique. The Brain Train is like a kids’ practical handbook on life; teaching them amazing facts about the planet, but also giving them hands-on advice and guidance about everyday life. Where else can a child learn about the inside of a whale’s blowhole, how to instantly freeze water, and why it’s not cool to give mum a rafflesia flower for Mother’s Day? (They’re rather large and smell of rotting flesh by the way!)


Knowledge is important

Over the past few decades, there has been a strong worldwide educational push for children to improve their maths and literacy skills. This can only be applauded. Being numerate and having the ability to read and write has made a difference to the life chances of young people throughout the world.


But what about knowledge? How important is that to a child’s life chances in comparison?


Here at Thinkofmagic Studios, we believe that having sound general knowledge is incredibly important and would argue that there is not enough emphasis on it in mainstream education. Educational scholar E.D. Hirsh Jr goes a step further. In his book, Why Knowledge Matters, he suggests that modern educational approaches are flawed and that, “Only a well-rounded, knowledge-specific curriculum can… (help) children.”


The Core Knowledge Foundation are also passionate about the role good knowledge has in creating well-rounded individuals. They state: “The more you know, the easier it is for you to understand what you read and to learn new things.”


It can also help build a child’s social and communication skills, or help them relate to someone else. Knowing a little bit about where someone is from, or know something interesting about the type of pet they own, for example, can help create and develop relationships. Having good knowledge helps a child’s confidence, sparks inquisitiveness and encourages them to find out more.


In short, aided by good literate and numerate skills, knowing things can really help develop a child.


And that’s where The Brain Train comes in…


What makes the app so good?

Using the power of strong storytelling, music, innovative game design and stunning visuals, The Brain Train takes the user on a spellbinding journey across the world. We meet the Brain Train kids: Chester, Ruby, Norman, Gracie and Jack -- plus their devoted pets, Poppy the cheeky chihuahua and Ritzy the cat. All the characters have diverse personalities and their chemistry sparkles on every page. Through them, the user navigates their way through a series of adventures, visiting new places and learning fascinating new facts along the way. Geography, science and the environment are just some of the areas we cover. 


So, does the app just teach kids interesting things?

Far from it! The importance of general knowledge is central to everything we believe in here at Thinkofmagic, but there are so many more educational benefits to The Brain Train! The app immerses the user into the story using voice acted characters, but it’s more than just a narrative with interesting facts.


Users will be asked to make decisions, be inventive, identify patterns, predict, use logic and problem solve. The app helps improve memory, attention spans and hand-eye coordination. It builds children’s reading skills -- particularly the ability to infer and deduce - and it stokes their imagination and creativity. It also addresses many life skills.


Life skills?

That’s right! The Brain Train is an educational app like no other! It doesn’t just focus on traditional academic learning -- it’s practical too! Children will learn about the importance of financial responsibilities and planning, how to look after pets, how to cook, plus tips on camping, hiking, surviving and fishing. They’ll also be introduced to classical music -- oh, and why it’s important to do household chores!


Interested? :)


Jump aboard!

Take a look around the site, join us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or sign up for our weekly blog Brain Food where we’ll be telling you how you can download the app soon! 


Build your child’s knowledge and allow their imagination to go places!


Jump aboard the The Brain Train!

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All aboard The Brain Train!

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