Five stellar solar system crafts for kids!

You love your little astronomer to the moon and back, but how much does your child actually know about the solar system they’re living in? These five, educational solar system crafts and activities will bring the magic of the moon and other planets straight into your home.


1. Solar system model

Put the solar system into perspective by creating this out-of-this-world model from Sciencing. Using an assortment of styrofoam balls, dowel rods and paint, it’s the perfect table-top craft for learning the planets and their size relation to each other. It also simultaneously teaches math skills while allowing your child to paint and develop artistic skills.

2. Creative satellite craft

After learning a little bit about the solar system, your child might start wondering how humans can know so much about planets we can’t visit. Satellites can be designed to take photos, survey the Earth from afar or even search for undiscovered planets. Through the creation of real satellites takes extensive knowledge and a lot of money, your child will have a blast reading up on satellites and making a model of their own like the one described by NASA Space Place. Although there are instructions and educational information, this project is open for interpretation and allows young brains to blast off with creativity.


3. Earth and moon orbit model
Shed some light on that hard-to-grasp concept of why exactly the sun appears in the sky in the morning and the moon takes its place by night with celestial orbit model from
Wizzley. Using colored cardstock, paper fasteners and sticky tack (three things you probably already have in your family’s craft drawer) this project illustrates the relationship between these three essential planetary bodies. It also provides the perfect opportunity to explain what causes the moon to shine, what a “new moon” is, and how long each orbit takes.


4. DIY constellation flashlight

Especially in cities with high populations, stars and big constellations are clouded out by lights. Thankfully, with this constellation craft from Hello Charlotte, your child can see and study the stars anywhere, even during the day or from inside! Using a flashlight and a series of “constellation discs” made out of cardstock, you can project constellations on any surface. Cast the Little Dipper onto the living room ceiling, or project Orion onto the wall; the possibilities are as endless as outer space itself.


5. DIY Moon phase lights
To say that the moon is two-faced would be a bit of an understatement, and your child has  probably noticed! If your kid has ever asked why the moon changes shape, this project from
Rainy Day Mum (inspired by Remi Courgen’s book Many Moons) is a bright and luminous way to teach them about lunar phases. Using highlighters, tissue paper, fairy lights and a several other items, this educational craft can also serve as a luminous decoration or lovely night light.



There’s no need to build a rocket ship! These five solar system crafts are a perfect way for your kids to blast straight into learning about the moon, sun and other planets. No space suit necessary!

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